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Welcome Introduction

Welcome to the homepage of the
Jewish Community of Siedlce Descendents


This web-site was built for the purpose of collecting and preserving the memories left from an entire community, almost entirely wiped out by the Nazis during August 1942.

The gathered memories presented here raise before our very eyes a lively succeful community which incorporates tradition and hard work, diversified education, rich culture life, warm and close family relations, charity, mutual aid, politics and public activity.

We gain a glance into the lives of young people during a critical period of their nation's history. These teenagers are exposed to an intense Zionist activity and to the revival of their long forgotten language, facing an impossible dilema- whether to leave their parents and families behind and start a new life in an unknown but desired country as pioneers, or remain in presumed safety- till it's too late to leave.

The site is intended to approach the descendents of those who were born and who lived in Siedlce before and during the Holocaust, in order to get them familiar and with their ancestors, their traditional lives in a Polish typical town. Some of them survived, most of them- didn't.

It is the main mission of the organization to collect as many evidence as possible- pictures, letters, stories- that will guarantee that their memory will always be in our hearts.