Rabbi Matithyahu Rubinstein

Rabbi Matithyahu was one of the remnants of the old generation, of the few elders and scholars Kochek Hasidim in Siedlce. He was a man of wit and sharp memory, remembered many stories of Siedlce of past days, since the days of the rebellion. Whoever wanted to know what happened in those days, had no one to turn to but R’ Matityahu for an interesting conversation of wise words and scholarly refinement. His shop on Pefstzi’na Street, which was attached to his apartment, constituted a house for the wise.

About fifty years ago, when we learned together the laws of sanctifying the month by Maimonides, I realized that Rabbi was very knowledgeable in astronomy and showed a great familiarity with this issue. He also studied Kabbalah and devoted all his time to Torah and work, and prayed privately at the Beit Midrash. His prayer lasted long hours.

With all his piety, Rabbi Matithyahu was not a fanatic. He used permissiveness in relation to the younger generation, and understood its aspirations and demands.

During the last two years of his life Rabbi Matithyahu was very weak, and yet continued to study the Torah. Three days before his death, he still went to Beit Midrash to pray, and extended his prayer as was his habbit.

He died at the age of 84. A large crowd from all walks of Jewish population in Siedlce has attended the funeral.

Written by Yitzhak Nahum Weintraub in the book: “Ancestors Tell Siedlce”.
Translated from Hebrew by Mr. Yuval Romano