Siedlce Before and During the War

History of Siedlce in 360 images

Historia Siedlec w 360 odsłonach

Published March 2016

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The Streets of Siedlce during 1941 (archived contents)

Stare Siedlce 1941. ” Na ulicach Siedlec, wieże, ruina”.

Published March 2016

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A Collection of old photographs of Siedlce

Stare Siedlce- Krzesk i stare fotografie

Published October 2016

My old, little city – Siedlce pre-WWII and today

Published November 2016

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Images of Siedlce before the war

Siedlce na starych fotografiach, stare Siedlce, przedwojenne fotografie                                           Published February 2013.

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Gathering and Memorial events, Siedlce Descendants Organization

Yearly Memorial event at Yad Vashem 2008,

including interviews with several elderly members of the organization.

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Docummentation of Journies to Siedlce

Journey to Siedlce, 1990

David Gora documents his journey to his home town.

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Siedlce: the life before

The life of Jews in Siedlce before the war. Document based of footage taken in Siedlce during the 1980’s by David Gora, Molek Levi and Gania Hibovski.

Editing and Narration: Rachel Yariv

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Roots Journey 2015

A group of members of the Siedlce Descendants Organization in a visit to Siedlce, including the establishment of a tablet in the memory of the Jews who lived there.

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Question of Life and Death

A group of influential men and women went for a 5 days tour in Poland. Among the is the actress Yona Elian, looking for her parents’ house in Siedlce.

The 1st Channel (IBA). Broadcasted on 15/4/2015


Aharon Yagojinski

The filmed testimony of Aharon Yagojinski among his family.

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Siedlce Today

Jewish Cemetary in Siedlce, 2010

Cmentarz żydowski w Siedlcach.

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Images of Siedlce, 2014          

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