Bella Projansky 1950-

Bella was born in Ramat-Gan, Israel, as the eldest daughter of her parents Chanoch and Batya Frozhansky. Batya, a native of Siedlce, is a member of the Zabrowitz family (on her father’s side) and the Verobel family (on her mother’s side).

She studied at Kfar-Malal Elementary School (named after Aharonovitch) and at Ami-Assaf High School in Beit-Berl. In the years 1968-1970 she served in the IDF and since then has been employed as a civil servant in the administrative field.

Frozhansky previously produced different events voluntarily. She joined the Siedlce organization voluntarily in 2004, helping the members of the committee organize commemorative events and organizing “Shorashim journey” in 2006.

In 2006 she was elected by the committee as Chairperson of the organization. Frozhansky notes that she “loves my activities, the connection with the people, the running of various meetings, and the raising of donations for the important goals that we aim for.”