Eliezer Bar-Haim (Bernholz) 1913-1989

Born in Siedlce. He began his activities with “Ha’shomer Ha’tzair” movement at an early age, and already demonstrated leadership skills. He was the head of a group and the head of a regiment, and then went on to prepare for immigration to Israel. In 1937 he illegally immigrated to Israel and settled down in one of the older kibbutzim, but the ambition was to get on the ground and establish a brand new kibutz from scratch.

In 1939 he moved with his girlfriend Chava, who came from Poland, to live in Haifa. In 1941 he began working in a baths’ casting plant – “Vulcan”, where he was active protecting the workers’ rights throughout the city and its surroundings. He was elected to the workers’ union and within time – to the workers’ council. At the same time he was active in the Haganah and trained snipers (a profession he had learned during his service in the Polish army), and at night took part in bringing the illegal immigration to the shores of the country. In 1971 he was asked to head the National Food Workers’ Union, as part of the Histadrut Executive Committee. He moved to Tel Aviv and expanded his activities with the management of Mivtahim and as a judge in the Labor Court. Throughout his years of activity, Bar-Haim never forgot “Amcha”, reached out to all those who approached him, but also left time for his family. After retiring, he continued his activities, and devoted himself to his role as director of the Bible House, which in time became a real attraction for all those who wanted culture.

Over the years his health deteriorated, and although he was hospitalized several times he always returned to regular activity. In 1989, a very energetic man has left us, who was “walking innocently and performing justice and telling the truth in his heart” (Psalm 15: 2).