Herzl Kavve 1923- 2015

He was born in Siedlce to a family with parents and two sisters. At the outbreak of World War II he attended evening classes. When the Germans entered the city he was kidnapped together with a group of men, including his father and uncle. He managed to escape and return to his hometown.

Kave has lived in the Ghetto until its liquidation in the summer of 1942. He was saved thanks to his young age, and was taken by the Germans for forced labor. Thanks to his resourcefulness, he fled to Italy, was caught, and taken to a camp of foreigners until the invasion of the Allies. In Italy he joined the unit of the Jewish Brigade as a civilian until he received a certificate and immigrated to Israel in the summer of 1944.

Kave had acquired professional training in diamonds, in which he made a living until his retirement. In Israel, he was able to marry and establish a family, a continuation of his family that perished in the Holocaust, thereby fulfilling his mother’s spiritual will, telling him on the day of the liquidation of the ghetto: “You will stay alive.”

Herzl Kave, born in Siedlce, was chairman and president of the Siedlce organization in Israel for many years, until his death at the age of 92.

The amazing story of his survival can be read in the site.