Letter from Baruch Mordechai Kramarz to his son David (Cnaani)

Translated from Hebrew by Mr. Yuval Romano.

Link to the letter (PDF)

BS”D, Sunday “…. honor your father and mother, seven…….” Menahem Av.

To my younger son, David Menachem:
Your first letter and also the second one, in partnership with your brother Jacob, we got it right and your picture while working in the chicken coop. And I enjoyed your letter very much; you want me to write some good things for you.
Because I see that you are connected to the Torah by God, and the verse already says “Talmud Torah is good with Derech Eretz” and when I read your letter with the picture and saw that you were standing at your work so deeply, “I want to say that even a person who is engaged in the work of the Land of Israel also has a desire for Torah, and I immediately accepted to gather a few good things to write to you each time which grains … Apparently what the calf wants to suck a cow wants to breastfeed. “And besides, I have a positive commandment from the Torah and you memorize it for your children.
On the day I got your first letter, the maid in my shop, who also prepares lunch at my house, went for two weeks to a Hashomer Hatzair settlement and this week the help came back to my house. But on the fifth day of Seder, your mother traveled for ten days to Pinsunat, behind the city of Lukav. 350 a day because the heat here is strong and your mother was forced to rest a little. And I will be at the same time, and at the same time I will read, “Where did you sit alone?” And I really do not have the strength and the newspaper to write. Because you know that good and expensive things need a clear idea. And all day I stand in my shop, and at night I’m tired. Because already … standing at 4 am .. went to the Beit Midrash to study Mishnayot. Because it is part of all my labors. That every person is obligated to give the Teshuva (to Hashem Blessed be He) a tenth … and from the time we were there, for example, there were 24 hours. Every person must at least give two hours … 14 Halagim (Minutin) special for the Torah and Labor. Even if the pressure of the oppressor can join the other two hours with the 24 parts of all … I would like to say twenty parts of the morning prayer ….
The Creator of my soul and the like … This is Haman in the hour of distress … Every person must limit his actions to his words. All at once, which is an important giving, especially in Torah study. For example, it is not the same as the giver … for the poor, even though he gives charity, but for the poor he is only an hour to buy bread for one meal. But the giver is an important gift that the poor can … it’s a lot. This is also true of the ten days and times of prayer, as the sages say in the words of Chazal: “But the study of the Torah is eternal life, but a hint is enough for the wise, but I hope that from now on I will expand my boundaries every time more and write more and more for you. “It is proven to the wise and to love.” In particular, who is now going to good nights, he wanted to say to the fifteenth of Av that the nights go on and on each time more. And you have to go on studying every night. (Rosh Chodesh, ES) Elul is the last month of last year and everyone has to calculate (Billance) all year round. And at the time of the bill, I’ll see a small hour for you every day. And perhaps I will merit the article by King Solomon: “He who is wise in his son, and rejoices in you, and rejoices in me too.” And in order to fulfill the Mishnah, the Ethics of the Fathers, “Do not say that when I turn, I will sleep.”
But I would very much ask you to see that. And if you don’t understand the first time, read each word more leisurely until she understood the letter in its entirety. It is necessary to understand, because you know that the Tefillin of a hand should be placed on the Kiburah, and that the height of the flesh is different (the unondogenous) that is against the heart, but not God forbid, on the hand itself … on his hand tied to his fingers, and it is hard because of what the Torah said, “and you tied them to a sign by you” and did not explicitly mention the place where it was placed: Because the head Tefillin must be placed between his eyes, it is as if he did not put on Tefillin at all, and he recites a blessing in vain, and it is also difficult because of what the Torah said ” She did not write explicitly about the head, the place of the brain.
And I will go from beginning to end. Before placing the Tefillin they say, “We were commanded to lay Tefillin on the hand that is against the heart to enslave in it the lust and thoughts of his son for his work, YT”S” (blessed be his name, AS). If so, laying Tefillin on the hand implies what is against the heart. And the heart was renewed. That one has to think only good thoughts. And not, heaven forbid, bad and strange thoughts. But the S”Y wanted to have another good thought as well, he wanted to say that a person would do what he thought for the best, for example, if a person thought a good thought to give charity to a decent poor or to stand up to learn Torah, That it is necessary to give the poor what he thought and should stand in the way of learning to learn as he thought. We were if a person thought to do a Mitzvah … but later discovered to be a good thought and an act of practice. And it is known to all that the heart thinks and every deed we were hands to …
And now we see the Torah’s intentions as striking as the Torah said in the Tefillin of the hand, in this sense, “and you tied them to a sign by you,” to hint at this, even though the Holy One, blessed be He, also wished that the thought would be good as well, and that “by you” “And they were the tithes between your eyes,” which is known as the oily eyes that every man has called flesh eyes … physicality, and they are the first to every sinful thing, as Chazal see the eye sees And the heart coveted. The vessels of the act are the hands, but each person also has intellectual eyes. Wanted to say spiritual eyes and the brain on the head against between the eyes of the flesh rather than laying Tefillin of the head. And the Sages wanted the eyes of the flesh to be firmly connected with the eyes of reason, and for this reason the Torah wrote: “And they shall be among your eyes.” Even if the place of tefillin is placed on the brain, it is the place of the eyes of the shlichut … but every person thinks this every day “And all the nations of the land saw that the name of God was called on you and they were seen from you (he wanted to say that the Arabs and all the enemies of Israel as Hitler …).
My dear son, I will ask you again to read the letter a few times in order to understand it well. And if you do not understand so well, maybe this letter will be seen by the manager or the teacher and they’ll enlighten you. And I also ask you to conceal this letter so that Jacob and Boonem may also be able to read it on the day when they have rest like Shabat or a holyday, because I do not have time to write to anyone, and write me if you understand my letter well. So that you will understand more easily, and in order not to send an empty sheet of paper and I also know for a long time that you are clever, I will write to you something nice from the Gaon of Ostropolza. What he said was a good reason why the Torah began with “Bereshit” and did not start with the order of the alphabet with “A” like “I am G”! But I’ll give you a little introduction. You know that the number 9 is very nice in Israel … “Truth” indicates how 9 is a small number in which the … is not counted but on the contrary “lie” The number 6 also rises in a small number (how = 3 = 1 = 2 = total 6) and the Gaon said above that the Torah began from “H”, because then ascending … all three letters to the number 9 number “True” to show that the whole Torah is true, how the b-c-d increases the number 9, the -7 and g-18, also the number 9, that the number 1 with the number 8 is the sum of 9. H-9- Yes, number 9, and so on and until the end of the alphabet, the number of letters is 9 in a small number. But if the Torah begins with “A” then a – b – c rises 6 number “lie”, 4 – 5 and 15 also increases the number 6 and also until the end of the alphabet in the number of falsehood and the Torah wanted to be all in the number of truth. Pooh Chacham Chen:
Enough for now. And … in the second letter after obtaining your letter I will write more to you. Write to me also a letter in Hebrew letters and I hereby place a letter in my letter to the sons of Jacob Zasharban and … that she will live right away if she is in Kfar Hasidim or in Haifa. Your mother is not writing you a letter because she is not at home, and she will write you a letter in Yiddish immediately. Your father … and I look forward to quench your pleasure as much as you please and hear from all of you on the … Baruch Mordecai Kramersch to the headmaster … Why do not they write me anything from you Tell them from my name that I very much wish to put a letter in your letter for me with your certificates of the year and great favor Shall be deemed above.