Or Shai: My Siedlce

A few hours from Warsaw 
Among the snowy hills of Poland
Lies safely
My Siedlce.

And there for generations my family lives
And there are seamstresses, and there are writers, and there are also a few butchers
Where the Rebbe sits with all the Hasidim.

And there they laugh, and there they dance
And there is a tradition in
 my Siedlce, 
A town of Jews.

And when I was in Treblinka,
Between the stones,
I put a flower on the stone
 my Siedlce.

It’s a song full of longing 
To a town I did not have the privilege of growing
To a family I did not get to know.

May God have mercy on us


 Published in “New Stage” website,  written following a trip to Poland, December 2004, 
Translated from Hebrew by Mr. Yuval Romano.